Sri yantra necklace


The Sri Yantra comes from India. A yantra, in the Indian tradition, is a literally a "device" for spiritual advancement. The Sri Yantra is, in fact, the central object of worship in at least one important Indian cult, but beyond its specific context, the Sri Yantra embodies profound philosophical understandings, which make it a powerful source of inspiration. Each design element of the Sri Yantra has special philosophical significance. The dot in the very center is representative of the Source of the universe; this dot, or bindu, is the "singularity" from which all manifest reality emerges. From one point of view, the design is representative of the evolution of the universe itself from its mysterious beginnings, charting its many levels.
The Sri Yantra in its central portion contains nine triangles. Four of them point upward and represent the unmanifest power of the universe; all that is beyond our quotidian sense perceptions. They are thought of as being masculine and represent the masculine aspect of divinity. The five downward-pointing triangles represent the divine feminine and the manifest aspects of the world.


  • Sterling silver chain
  • Sterling silver and rose gold chain