Hey Everyone! It's been too long since i've posted in here. First of all, we want to thank everyone who has helped us build this brand beyond what was imagined. Now hosted in 6 stores, 7 counting our own to selling world wide on here, we are honored. I can't thank you all enough! With the busy season coming up you will be able to find us all over the capital region. Every week we will be at the Troy farmers market and Schenectady on the weekends, to alive at five every Thursdays. Also Art on lark, Larkfest, Tulip Fest, River fest and a couple other shows in between. We are humbled and honored to be so busy in the summer and can't wait to see what this season will do for our business!

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Hey everyone! This happens to be our last week we will be in West Stockbridge, Mass. As the farmers market comes to an end for the year this Thursday, October 6th, we will be making our trip through the Berkshires to see you for the last time until next year! Remember our website is always available for you and also we do home parties if you want to throw one! So be sure you take a little day trip and don't miss out on the last market in the heart of town in West stockbridge. You can find local produce, foods, flowers and hand crafted goods. Along with culinary delights of local chefs, great music and vibes and also the last give away basket of the year! Thanks to all the new supporters we met this year at this market and we are so glad to have made a ton of new friends! We are excited to be back next year!

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Hey there everyone! We felt it is time to introduce ourselves and keep a blog of all the fun things we do to keep you updated! First off, we'd love to say thank you to all our supporters, friends and family for helping us bring our dreams to life. We are honored to be able to wake up everyday and create for a living. Since we've never had a real introduction on our website, I thought it'd be a perfect way to start our blog. Ashley (myself) has always been a creative person from painting to photography to creating anything I can get my hands on. As for Carmen he is an intellectual business minded soul which is a perfect balance for our brand. Together we make up AMCjewelry. Working together can sometimes have it's struggles but makes us stronger everyday. We get our inspiration from many sources such as earth and land formations to natural findings we pick up everywhere. We can't step out of the house without coming home with a pine cone we found somewhere or flower or leaves. We love everything from nature which helps us get inspired to make the beautiful pieces of jewelry you see here! 

We can't take all of the credit, let me introduce our two lovely assistants. Say hello the Faith and Leone! They like to get their paws dirty and help with our creations as well!.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to check out our first blog and be sure to check back and see what we are up to and where we are next. To find out our schedule or where you can find a permanen tselection of AMCjewelry, check out the tab, "Where to find us" above. Thanks again for stopping by and we will see you soon!